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Lipofirm Pro

Our Lipofirm treatment is a Non Invasive procedure which combines TriLipo Technology with DMA (Dynamic Muscle Activation) and TriPollar RF (Radio Frequency) which work together to achieve inch loss, skin tightening and in turn giving you that overall body sculpting experience.

How does Lipofirm work?

TriLipo treatment uses a triple action mechanism that simultaneously

Releases fat using proven Radio-Frequency energy.  The Radio-Frequency heats the fat cells and causes them to secrete liquid fat.

Removes the released fat naturally using a patented lymphatic drainage mechanism.

Reshapes the skin applying Radio-Frequency energy that causes immediate collagen contraction and long-term collagen rejuvenation

What areas can be treated with Lipofirm?

Lipofirm can be performed on the Face, Neck, Arms, Tummy, Inner Thighs, Thighs, Back, Waist, Buttocks, Hands, Back Thighs, Ankles

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend a minimum of 8 treatments spaced weekly/fortnightly apart.

What is the treatment like?

You will experience firm pressure and heat throughout the treatment along with direct pulses being felt from the DMA (Dynamic Muscle Activation)

Are there any after effects to this treatment?

There are generally no after effects to this treatment there will be some redness to the treatment area but this will subside within a short period of time, in some cases you may get a little bruising.

When will I see results?

You will see results after the first couple of treatments but we recommend a course of at least 8 treatments.

How much does Lipofirm Pro cost?

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